53 Stress Reduction Meal Recipes to Help You Get Through Tough Times and Moments of Anxiety.pdf

53 Stress Reduction Meal Recipes to Help You Get Through Tough Times and Moments of Anxiety PDF

53 Stress Reduction Meal Recipes to Help You Get Through Tough Times and Moments of Anxiety: Delicious Meal Recipes to Help You Cope With StressBy Joe Correa CSNStress is an emotional condition that is common for all human beings. There isnt a single person in this world who hasnt felt stressed-out at some point in life. Stress is often correlated to binge eating which occurs as some form of response to stressful situations.We cant define stress as a disease, but more like an emotional state and the feeling of being unable to handle our problems. It slowly, without even noticing it, starts affecting our health in so many different ways. Our immune system starts to weaken, we feel tired, sick, and without energy. This leads our body into a state of a hormonal disbalance and sugar levels drop, which often results in overeating. Stress is a proven trigger to so many different and way more dangerous diseases. Its one of the leading causes of heart diseases, having strokes, different organ failures, hormonal imbalance and everything related to it, etc. Binge eating, as a final product of stress, leads to becoming overweight and many other problems that go along with it. It is a vicious cycle that should be stopped and corrected as soon as possible.Eliminating all the factors that cause stress is almost impossible. However, the best way to boost your energy and leave stress behind is starting a healthy diet! This is a no-brainer. A healthy diet will balance your entire body in a way that you cant even imagine. A balanced diet will stabilize your blood sugar levels and give you enough energy to deal with a stressful situation and emotional issues in the best possible manner.This is exactly why I have created this book with healthy and great-tasting recipes that focus on increasing fiber and good carbs to keep blood sugar levels in check. These recipes are full of natural sources of all kinds of nutrients your body so desperately needs in order to deal with everydays life. Fruits and vegetables, legumes, beans, healthy lean meats, lots of salmon and olive oil, nuts and seeds. There is absolutely nothing better than eating smarter to lower stress levels.This book focuses on foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, and Magnesium.Foods with ingredients like lemons, oranges, pepper, tomatoes, and leafy greens are a great natural source of vitamin C. This vitamin has a strong physical and psychological impact on people dealing with stress.Vitamin B is an energy booster that will give you the mental and physical strength to recover after a stressful situation. Spinach, avocado, nuts, and fish, are just some of the ingredients that I have included in these recipes to increase this essential stress-management vitamin.Magnesium is in charge of a muscle relaxation and anxiety management which is included in many of the foods in the recipes that appear in this book. Youll find some natural magnesium boosters like nuts, brown rice, and beans in different mouth-watering combinations.A proper, balanced diet full of these precious nutrients helps not only deal with stress and binge eating but will affect your entire life and health.Let this book serve as motivation for a more relaxing and stress-free life!



ISBN 9781635312454
AUTOR Joe Correa
DATEINAME 53 Stress Reduction Meal Recipes to Help You Get Through Tough Times and Moments of Anxiety.pdf

Books on Google Play The book is packed with practical tips for moms of any age, at any stage of motherhood, such as stress reduction techniques, self-care, protecting one’s partnership, asking for help, and getting a global perspective on maternity, and includes a selection of easy and delicious recipes, from ideas for kids-friendly food, to romantic dinner

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