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I love the clarity and precision of Linwood Rumneys poems and his restrained yet intense voice. Intense because it is restrained, pressurized by his deft use of stanzaic structures and forms. Robert Frost and William Carlos Williams seem to be among his influences, but his voice and vision are clearly his own. Rumney writes about the natural world and the human world, and he sees in both of them a terrible excess and a brutal lack. But, as in A Mystery on the Greyhound Bus, he also recognizes that simple beauty persists, like the finch feeding her chicks in a bus station eave while a man on the platform, both laughing and crying, waves to a woman on the departing bus. Far more than simple beauty, that image-and Rumneys poetry throughout this book-is resonant and complex in the most compelling way.--Eric Nelson, judge and author of Some Wonder: poems



ISBN 9781940724096
AUTOR Linwood D. Rumney
DATEINAME Abandoned Earth.pdf

A.T.O.M. (Abandoned Territories Of Mankind) ist ein zusammenhängendes, komplexes und absolut episches Stück dunkler Kunst aus hypnotischen Klangwelten und manchmal fast schon psychedelisch anmutenden Soundkollagen, die den Zuhörer durch viele emotionale Geisteszustände führt und mehr Angst verbreitet als man es sich selber zugestehen möchte.

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