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The size of volumetric data acquired from computed tomography scanning devices is steadily increasing, which often makes it impractical to store the whole data in physical memory. Therefore, efficient data structures are required. In this book several data structures are examined in respect to application for computed tomography-angiography. Specifically, memory consumption and performance of visualization are addressed. In addition, a data structure based on adaptive meshes is implemented. This data structure can leverage resources where they are needed. In order to generate the adaptive meshes, two different algorithms are explained and compared to each other. The most common visualization techniques for angiography are described. The book is directed towards software developers who are dealing with large volumetric data, computer graphics developers visualizing medical datasets and medical scientists analyzing information acquired from CT scans.



ISBN 9783836487665
AUTOR Alexander Hartmann
DATEINAME An Advanced Data Structure for Large Medical Datasets.pdf

Jul 19, 2019 ... Predictive analytics can be described as a branch of advanced analytics ... to seek patterns and structure in data and cluster them into groups or insights. ... Big data and predictive analytics are currently playing an integral part in ... and other medical facilities provide valuable and large datasets to be able to ... A Large New Cardiac Motion Video Data Resource for Medical Machine ... These 1112 datasets are composed of structural and resting state functional MRI data ... The automatic segmentation of anatomical structures in chest radiographs is of ... segmentation of kidneys and kidney tumors in contrast-enhanced CT scans.

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