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DI Alex Morrow and her team have been shadowing a woman suspected of being involved in a large drug-smuggling and money-laundering operation. Roxanna Fuentecilla recently moved from London to Glasgow in suspicious circumstances and Morrows bosses want all the glory when shes finally arrested. But then Roxanna disappears. Shes left her partner and her two children and something about the situation, and the childrens evasive attitude, leads Morrow to question whats really going on. In the nearby picturesque town of Helensburgh, Iain Fraser is struggling to live with his overwhelming guilt. Under orders from the infamous Mark Barratt hes just killed a woman and now hes left with blood on his hands. Meanwhile Miss Grierson, a former scout leader who left the sleepy seaside town decades ago, has returned. Allegedly shes here to sort out her recently deceased mothers estate, but Iain knows her mother died over two years ago and suspects she has an ulterior motive.



ISBN 9781409137306
AUTOR Denise Mina
DATEINAME Blood, Salt, Water.pdf

Blood, Salt, Water: An Alex Morrow Novel: Mina, … Blood, Salt, Water: An Alex Morrow Novel [Mina, Denise] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Blood, Salt, Water: An Alex Morrow Novel Blood, Salt, Water (Alec Morrow 5): Mina ...

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