Oh My Goddess!, Volume 31.pdf

Oh My Goddess!, Volume 31 PDF

Ever since a cosmic phone call led to five literal young goddesses - Belldandy, Urd, Skuld, and, like occasional vowels, Peorth and Lind - coming to live in college student Keiichis residence, his personal life has been turned upside down, sideways, and sometimes even into strange dimensions! Peorth is called back to Heaven - which is probably just as well, considering the mischief she caused in trying to get Keiichi to express his true feelings to Bell-chan. But the gate to return her isnt opening-because it turns out that such gates arent things, theyre beings that seek information . . . and this one, in the form of a cute girl, is on strike - until she gathers certain earthly knowledge involving love and kisses!



ISBN 9781595822338
AUTOR Kosuke Fujishima
DATEINAME Oh My Goddess!, Volume 31.pdf

Oh My Goddess MP3 descargar musica GRATIS Oh My Goddess. Más de 4.4 M de visualizaciones, actualizado el 29 de Enero del 2019 con '[ENG] Ah! My Goddess The Movie- Angel Chorus ( Final Battle )', el playlist tiene una duración de 4 horas 3 minutos 8 segundos, calidad 192 kbps y 320 kbps. Oh My Goddess! #21 - Volume 21 (Issue) - Comic …

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