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Spatial planning procedure. Foundations, examples, recommendationsThis volume discusses an instrument of considerable importance in the German spatialplanning system: the spatial planning procedure. This procedure is used whenlarge, spatially-relevant projects are planned – such as a new federal road or a factoryoutlet centre. Before the detailed planning of the project in question begins, the spatialplanning procedure assesses whether and to what extent the proposed location orroute for the project is spatially and environmentally acceptable. In many cases alternativelocations or routes are compared to one another and the spatial planning procedurehelps to determine which option is the most spatially and environmentally acceptable.The volume offers insights into the workings of spatial planning procedures for “novices”,experts and practitioners in administrations and planning departments alike.The first section presents the foundations, goals and operation of this type of procedure.The second section directs attention towards the fields of application for spatialplanning procedures and presents a range of examples from practice – including thegrid connection of an offshore wind farm, a pumped-storage power plant, a federalroad, a ground-mounted photovoltaic system, a high-power voltage line, a factoryoutlet centre, a cable car and rail infrastructure. The third section offers opportunitiesto engage with this planning instrument in more depth. The authors of the variouspapers discuss here, for instance, when a project-related spatial planning procedure isnecessary, and when a plan revision is more suitable. Other objects of observation area comparison with federal sectoral planning, public participation and the further developmentof the regulatory framework for spatial planning procedures. Lessonslearnt through past experience and suggestions for organising spatial planning procedurescomplete the volume, which concludes with a chapter of recommendations.



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Raumordnungsverfahren und Querschnittsorientierung · Mehr sehen » Raumordnung. Unter Raumordnung ist die planmäßige Ordnung, Entwicklung und Sicherung von größeren Gebietseinheiten (Regionen, Länder, Bundesgebiet) zur Gewährleistung der dauerhaften Nutzung des Lebensraumes zu verstehen. Neu!!: Raumordnungsverfahren und Raumordnung

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