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The next installment in the immensely successful Q&A a Day series focuses on practicing mindfulness, encouraging self-growth, and building a more meaningful life.In the classic Q&A format, this journal was created to help you track your emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth over five years of your life in the simplest way possible. You can start at any point in the year. Simply turn to todays date, and take a few moments to answer the question at the top of the page (or dont answer it



ISBN 9781984822734
AUTOR Potter Gift
DATEINAME Q&A a Day for the Soul.pdf

12.03.2018 · When my soul entered the Earth, almost 30 years ago (or less, no one needs to know haha ), my soul knew its main purpose. I didn’t but my soul did. I, as a human being, need to spend a life-time finding my ways towards the directions of my soul. Therefore, for all the decisions that I made in life, I tried to align them with that direction

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