Sugar Princess: Skating to Win, Vol. 1.pdf

Sugar Princess: Skating to Win, Vol. 1 PDF

Maaya Kruinoki seems to have natural talent for ice skating. Maaya impresses a scout named Eiji Todo, who tells her he can make her into a skating princess if she can convince famous skater Shun Kano to coach her and become her skating partner. Unfortunately, Shun only wants to skate solo.



ISBN 9781421519302
AUTOR Hisaya Nakajo
DATEINAME Sugar Princess: Skating to Win, Vol. 1.pdf

VIZ: Read a Free Preview of Sugar Princess: … 05.08.2008 · When Maya Kurinoki takes her little brother to the local ice-skating rink for the first time, she's got her hands full just trying to get him to let go of the bar. To inspire a bit of bravery in him, she attempts a double axel--and lands it! Maya never imagined that this jump would change her lifeor that a coach named Eishi Todo would vow to make her a figure skating "princess"! Now all Sugar princess. Vol. 1 : skating to win (Book, 2008 ...

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